According to the peace agreement, signed in 2005 by government in Khartoum and Southern Sudan, represented by the Sudan People´s Liberation Movement (SPLM), the referendum for Southern Sudans autonomy will take place next January.

SPLMs European spokesman, Ali Abdelatif Husseinin, met with me on Wednesday in Helsinki. Ali Abdelatif Hussein said, that right now everything seems to be unstable and that the government in Khartoum does not comply with the peace agreement. There are still several open issues as how to share the oil incomes and where to draw the border.

I am going to ask the Christian Democrats in Parliament to call on other parties to express their support for democratic and free referendum in January. In the worst case it seems that a new war could start, which may involve huge flows of refugees and cost innocent people their lives.

– SPLM is a social democratic party, but now all parties should work towards a peaceful solution to the conflict.

According to Ali Hussein M the support from Finland and the European Parliament is very important, because Khartoum is closely following how different countries attitudes will develop. A significant number of countries have already promised to recognize

South Sudan independence if the people chooses this alternative in the January referendum.
Christian Democratic Party and the SPLM will keep regular contact to follow up with developments in the autumn.