EU should put pressure on countries which violate freedom of religion

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In the beginning of February the U.S. Congress arranged an annual prayer breakfast, which is held every year in February in Washington, DC. This year I was privileged to attend the meeting. Members of the Senate and House of Representatives were hosting the politicians and leaders from more than 140 countries. This year Prayer Breakfast gathered together more than 3000 participants.

What are the benefits of this class forum then? First of all, the event was steeped in harmony and joy. Lots of inspiring speeches were held. The good power of Christian faith linked together all the speeches. It felt encouraging, when the President if Haiti, Michel Martelly, said in his speech that the driving force in his work is the love of Jesus Christ. Rwandan president’s wife Jeanette Kagame told a touching story on the ongoing reconciliation work in her home country. And last but not least, President Obama’s speech. The speech, which focused on the individual’s right for freedom of religion and freedom of faith. He reminded that it is important to raise and defense those who are persecuted for their faith. This is relevant issue at a time when religious persecution in the world touches mostly Christian believers. The number of dark reports on suicide bombings against the churches and killings of Christians is growing. A large proportion of the world’s refugees leave their home country today only for the simple reason that they are vulnerable to persecution for their Christian faith. International human rights organizations reported that 80 percent of all religious persecution today touches Christian believers. Hence, Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world. Every eleventh minute, seven days a week, 365 days a year, someone dies because of the Christian faith. Freedom of religion, which is guaranteed by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, is prohibited in a total of 200 million of Christians in 139 countries of the world. It’s not contradictory to fight for the freedom of religion, equality for all, and at the same time to direct attention to the fact that proves the persecution of Christians.