Familyparty CD wants better conditions for families

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Christian Democrat family policies has now been renewed. As a real family party, CD wants to work for families and children. The program’s Christian roots goes deep into a world of values, while its branches and leaves can be found in everyday reality, in the midst of today’s different families.

Single parents, carers and new families are increasing in number. These parents also need strong support from our society in their role as carers and raising up children. A good network  of supporters is particularly important for single parents. For the lone parents’ strength and wellbeing, it is crucial that they also have an opportunity for their own time and to socialize with friends.

Family program’s overall theme is to emphasize family values, to facilitate the formation of the family, to assist and support families in difficult situations. The cornerstone of our society ‘s family. If the families are doing well – then the community is well doing, or vice versa. Even in a changing society the Christian values are a solid base for family policies.