"I’m unemployed."

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In today’s Finland, there are many who, with anguish and frightened voice, is forced to respond “I am unemployed,” when they´re asked “what are you doing?”

Well-educated people, skilled at different tasks – and even with a long work experience – but what does it benefit, when there are no jobs to be searched?

The only thing that can be worse, than when the alarm clock goes on early in the morning, is if it does not need to go on.

Widespread unemployment is a waste of human resources. One reason for having a job, is of course money. However, it is also about the fact that people wants to belong to a community, to feel that you are needed, to feel satisfaction because of doing a good job.

Human dignity is not measured in how much we work, how much we earn or what we achieve. But having a job or task is a key issue in our lives. Unemployment must be combated by all means. Large industry, often public stockmarket companies, automate and reorganize to become more competitive, trying to optimize profit margins. Rather than in large industry, most new jobs in recent years occurred in SMEs. Therefore, the focus in policy decision must be on lowering the employment threshold for SMEs.