Sm-sector share of GDP is 40 percent.

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SMEs are important to our economy. Of the total business turnover of 395 billion SMEs account for half and most of their sales occur in industry and commerce. Sm-sector share of GDP is 40 percent.

Of the imports SMEs share is 23 percent and of the exports 10 percent. It should also be recognized that many small and medium-sized companies has a role as subcontractors to larger enterprises, whose products and services are exported.

In many cases, sole entrepreneurs could have the opportunity to expand, but companies are not necessarily prepared to deal with the risks and responsibilities that an employee entails.
In many situations a job could be easier for the entrepreneur, as this could share the liabilities. By reducing the costs of employer’s temporary for 1-2 years, it would be easier for sole entrepreneurs to employ new staff.

Actions to strengthen the business is an importnat issue for Finland. It is particularly important that we give postive signals to the investing industry and that we are prepared to ensure energy at an affordable price also in the future.

The government should ensure the presumptions for the industry. At the same time it ensures that Finland collects export revenues. The energy tax on industry must therefore be on a level, so that the economy of Finland remains competitive.