What are the source of values for European Union?

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Where is Europe heading? This is one of the main questions in the next year EU-parliament elections.

In a time of growing distrust in the European political institutions it is time to reconnect the EU with its peoples and the values they recognise as vital for their personal life and their societies. This requires that these values will be in the core of EU policies and it also requires an explicit connection with the source of these values in order to keep them fresh and strong in our Union.

Christianity entered Europe nearly 2000 years ago and has since then had a profound influence in our continent. Even though Europe is rich in its cultural , the christian faith runs as a red thread through . European nations and cultures. In all these cultures Christianity has had a deep impact on ethics, religion, view at humanity and freedom.

The leaders who founded the European Union envisioned a union of nations that would preserve, protect and spread the values that are the foundation of our freedom and democracy. These are the Judeo-Christian values that determined the very fabric of our European societies; respect for the individual, respect for diversity and solidarity.